48 Tom in Northern Italy in 1918  According to my mother (Olive Downing) Tom, serving on the Austro-Italian frontier, was injured on the last morning of WW1, November 11th, 1918 and never fully recovered from the wound.
This photograph underlies the tragedy of that war-that the gentle looking boy and young man had to face the horrors of war is shown so clearly in this photo-what a change.

(The scan which I made of the original produced a poor result, but Colin using his expertise managed to improve it considerably)
49 Tom in his convalescent uniform. The suit was a bright blue, the shirt white and the tie red
50 Louisa and Dennis.  This beautiful photo must have been taken in the Spring of 1923, a month or two before Louisa's death.  The flowers are spring flowers.  Dennis would have been about 71/2

(Colin is also responsible for the quality of this photograph)
51 The Memorial ribbon for Louisa-the original was printed on pale pink silk
52 The newspaper notice of Tom's death
47 Louisa and Dennis
46 Tom, Louisa and Dennis (born 1915)
45 Wedding Day Tom and Louisa
44 Wedding of Tom and Louisa
standing from left: Wilfred Jones and his wife Sarah Lavina (sister of Louisa and grandparents of Colin Jones), William Wilson, Olive Downing (sister of Louisa), Tom and Louisa, Daniel Edward Downing (brother of Louisa), Lucy Downing, (wife of Daniel), Alice Downing nee Hood - wife of Harry (brother of Louisa)
seated from left: Martha Alice Parker (sister of Louisa), John, Sarah
43 Wedding of Tom and Louisa (May 30th 1914 St John's Church, Longsight, Manchester)
Photo taken in the garden of 2 Norman Grove to which the family moved in 1912. In front of Tom and Louisa are Olive, John and Sarah and William Wilson
40 and 41
42 Louisa
37 Tom taken about 1906 and 38, 39
Tom Israel Jones born 1889, died 1961 aged 72
Son of Israel Jones (1861-1907) and Mary Jane Bishop (1851-1917)
36 Louisa, whilst still a student, contracted TB about 1910 and thereafter suffered with it until she died July 2nd 1923.  Before her marriage she spent several periods in Convalescent Homes at Grange-over-Sands, Delamere Forest and Abergele
34 Louisa as a Greek Maiden, all done up for a church fancy dress ball
35 Louisa, seated left, taken with her 3 closest friends at St Hilda's College, Durham, at that time a Teachers' Training College now part of the University of Durham
32 Louisa, outside one of the two greenhouses in the back garden of  606 Stockport Road
33 Louisa and Olive with 2 of their cousins (of whom they were not particularly fond, which possibly explains their somewhat severe countenance). It was taken in the garden of 606 Stockport Road which had formerly been the rectory of nearby St John's Church.  The house next door was run as a laundry by Sarah
31 Louisa, seated middle of the front row, as a pupil teacher, before going to Teacher Training College.  The school was Ardwick Central School in Manchester
30 Olive Downing, born July 3rd 1894
died February 8th 1982
12th child of John and Sarah
On October 27th 1917 she married William Wilson (born February 2nd 1891 died February 17th 1949)  They had 4 children
Roger Graham born January 23rd 1920
died June 13th 1988
Peter Geoffrey born April 25th 1923
died May 17th 1943
he was killed when the 'plane in which he was the navigator crashed on Marston Moor, west of York when he was just 20 years and 3 weeks old.  The other 4 members of the crew were also killed
Barbara born October 30th 1924
  died September 23rd 1997
William Glyn born June 15th 1928
(October 2010-still cracking along)
29 Louisa and her first cousin Lucy Heaton (1889-1974) taken about 1906.  Lucy never married
27 Daniel Edward served in the Royal Flying Corp as a mechanic servicing aircraft in Egypt used against the Turks in the Middle East
26 Daniel Edward - about 1910
He was chauffer for a Manchester cotton merchant
25 Daniel Edward Downing
9th child of John and Sarah born November 17th 1886,
died May 8th 1964
He married Lucy Rees (1888-1941) They had 2 children Daniel Edward born 1910, died 1984
Olive born 1914, died 1988
28 Daniel Edward, with Lucy Rees beside him.  Behind him are his brother Bill and sister Louisa, about 1910.  The car is standing at the side of the family home on Stockport Road
24 Sarah Lavina Downing, wife of Wilfred Jones and mother of Kenneth and Ronald, the father of Colin.
She died on her 35th birthday, April 13th 1920
23 Sarah Lavina's wedding to Wilfred Jones 1912
standing back row from left:  2nd Frank Parker - husband of Martha Alice 3rd/4th Emma & Albert Edward Jones 7th Sarah Downing 10th Arthur Ernest Jones 11/12th brothers William Henry and George Edward Parker, 1st cousins of Lavina
standing middle row from left: 1st Martha Alice with youngest child Dorothy 5th John Downing 6th Jane Jones-mother of the groom
7th Bertha Jones 9th Alice Hood - wife of Harry Downing 10th Harry Downing 11th Lucy Heaton
seated from left:  1st Olive Downing 2nd Lily Jones 3rd Wilfred Percy Jones 4th Sarah Lavina Downing  5th Louisa Downing
6th Roselyn Jones 7th Herbert Alfred Jones
kneeling left: Tom Jones  right: George William Downing
children from left: 1st John Downing - son of Harry and Alice 2nd Annie - daughter of Martha Alice and Frank Parker
3rd Winifred - daughter of George William Downing  5th Harry - son of Martha Alice and Frank Parker
22 Sarah Lavina Downing
21 Taken about 1909: inside the greenhouse, Daniel Edward with straw hat and William Henry Parker in bowler
standing from left: Olive, Louisa, and 1st cousin Lucy Heaton, daughter of Sarah's brother Henry
seated: Lavina and Sarah.  The child is Winifred Downing, daughter of George William  Downing
20  Sarah Downing with 5 of her daughters in 1903/4
standing from left: Sarah Lavina, Martha Alice Parker, Margaret, Louisa
kneeling: Olive
The child on Sarah's knee is Harry Parker, son of Martha Alice and Frank Parker.  In his twenties, he emigrated to Canada and there died in Vancouver in 1985
19 Taken about 1895/96 Lavina, Daniel and Louisa with Olive, born July 3rd 1894
12th child of John and Sarah -
18  seated: Sarah Lavina Downing, born April 13th 1885
8th child of John and Sarah.
standing: Daniel Edward Downing, born November 17th 1886 9th child of John and Sarah,
Louisa Downing, born September 30th 1888
10th child of John and Sarah,
seated front: William Henry Parker, born 1889 and first cousin of the three above.  His mother Alice Parker was the younger sister of Sarah Downing

16 John Downing, born February 21st 1882
6th child of John and Sarah

17 John Downing died in 1902.  He was blind in one eye. As he lay dying an old Italian organ-grinder, who was passing the house, stopped at Sarah's request and played 'Abide With Me'
James Fred born
August 16th 1883
7th child of John and Sara
He died May 20th 1885  There are no photographs of him
12 Margaret Downing and her husband Walter Burgess and four of  her six children
The children standing are John, Margaret and Sarah.  The child in her arms is Walter who died in WW11 after capture, when the ship transporting him was torpedoed by an Allied Forces submarine.  Two other children were born.  Daniel, who was killed when he crashed his motorcycle and Louisa
11 Martha Alice (Dot) lived to a great age, dying on January 13th 1966 in her 89th year
10 'Dot' and her family during WW1. Her husband was Frank Parker - in civilian life a printer - in the army he was a bandsman (trombonist) and a stretcher bearer who himself was injured
The children standing were Annie and Harry and seated, Dorothy
9 Martha Alice Downing, always known to the family as 'Dot' - a reference to her height - but more than made up for by her fiery temperament. She could not put up with lack of effort or determination.  She was a good woman upon whom neighbours and family could always rely in times of need, eg a very competent (but untrained) nurse, as a midwife or layer-out
8 seated, Martha Alice Downing
born June 17th 1877
3rd child of John and Sarah
Margaret Downing
born September 22nd 1878
4th child of John and Sarah
6 Harry Downing born October 11th 1875
died November 1st 1930
2nd child of John and Sarah

7 Harry Downing married Alice Hood.
They had one son John, born 1904, died April 2nd 1967  He married but had no children
5 Annie Mary Downing
born February 20th 1874
died May 27th 1891
1st child of John and Sarah
3 and 4
John and Sarah
John and Sarah Downing and family
Photographs and information supplied by
William Glyn Wilson 4th child of Olive Downing and William Wilson
and Colin Jones (grandson of Sarah Lavina Downing and Wilfred Percy Jones)
forwarded by Philip Thomas Jones 4th child of Dennis and Mabel (nee Standeven) Jones
webpage by Doreen Smith (nee Jones) 1st child of Dennis and Mabel Jones
1  John Downing and his wife Sarah (nee Hunter-Heaton) taken at end of 19th Century after the birth of their last child Olive in 1894. John was born in 1844 and Sarah in 1851.  Their 10th child Louisa was born in 1888

2  John and Sarah in the 1920s. John retired in 1919 at the age of 75 after 54 years on the railway.  He was a top-rated driver on the express service between Manchester and London.  He had run away from home when he was 16 (he and his older brother William, born 1841, were working as shepherds according to the Census of 1860 and settled in Manchester).  He met Sarah when his locomotive was halted by signals outside Longsight station. She was a parlour maid at a house immediately adjacent to the line.  On spotting her he spoke to her.  They married on January 26th 1873 and between 1874 and 1894 they had 12 children, 7 girls and 5 boys
John was born October 16th 1844, 3rd child of Daniel Downing (1815-1873) and Mary Shaw (1822-1857) of Bramhall, Cheshire. He died during the 2 minutes silence on November 11th 1926
Sarah was born April 20th 1851 in Liverpool to Henry Heaton, born 1829, and Ann Hunter, born 1825, who were married June 20th 1852.  Sarah died September 6th 1929
Minnie, born January 6th 1891
11th child of John and Sarah
Minnie died April 18th 1891  There are no photographs of her

13 George William (always known as Bill) born March 27th 1880
5th child of John and Sarah
Bill married Mary (Polly) Boyes and had two children, Winifred and Harold. 

14 'Bill' in the Manchester Regiment. He was injured on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, lying for several hours waiting to be picked up

15 Bill. After 1919 he set up his own printing shop.  He was a very 'proper' man, strict in every aspect of his life.  His only vice was his addiction to his pipe!  He would fill the bowl with thick twist which when ignited left the rest of us gasping for breath! It did him no harm and he died in his 96th year in December 1975
updated 28 December, 2016